Ilze Millere

Ilze Millere is the founder and writer of ZeroSet.

‘My name is Ilze, and I am a filmmaker at Elementi Media with a big love and passion for nature and environment.

I was always a nature child. I grew up in Latvia – a small country filled with woods, and I spent my free time taking long walks in forests, running through meadows with bare feet and eating wild berries I could pick up. I don’t want to lose that sense of wonder and joy that nature brings to us, but sadly our planet is in more danger than ever before and I want to do something about it.

I got passionate about the zero-waste, minimalist, plant-based lifestyle in early 2018, and it changed me forever. The idea of this life made me feel like I’ve finally found the way of living how I always wanted. Simple, clean, healthy – good for me and good for the planet. And the more steps I took to live more sustainably, the more I realised that it’s not that difficult and that everyone can make even the smallest change for a greater impact.

I make films, so I decided to combine my two passions of filmmaking and sustainability together. And that’s how ZeroSet was born! A blog about the steps I’m taking to make films sustainably, the challenges I face and my tips on how to live eco-friendly. And it doesn’t need to stop with films – all these experiences and ideas can be used everywhere in our life!’

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