• Ilze


A poem I wrote for Mother Earth to celebrate Earth Day 2020.


I entered your world under a full moon light

The winter was cold and dark

I slept in silence and calm

Snowflakes danced through the night

I was smiling as spring arrived

Laughing at flowers and butterflies

The once quiet world was awakening

With me, it was changing and growing, and blooming

When summer came with its light and its warmth

I sang my first songs to you

By the sea, I felt your touch in the sand

As the sun set under a burning sky

I stumbled through puddles and fallen leaves

As autumn brought colour, and also decay

The clouds were heavy,

My hair wild in the breeze

Dear Earth,

I was raised with your guidance

In a world full of beauty and wonder

Where seasons chased one another

I ran through your meadows,

Got lost in your forests

I looked, I touched, I listened

I learnt under sun, under moon and the stars

I changed with the seasons

And grew up with you on my mind


You’ve been so quiet

Are you struggling to breathe?

Is the weight of us on your shoulders

Too much to go on with ease?

I’m sorry for forests we’ve stolen

For dead empty fields where life used to thrive

I’m sorry for staining your oceans

For fires, for smoke, for drilling deep in your spine

I’m sorry for stripping you bare

For taking more than we need

My heart is broken, are you still there?

Have you lost your faith in me?

I look at the stone and steel houses

And walk through crowds of numb faces

Grey skies, sharp smells, loud noises

I wish to see something green

I remember the magic of seasons

And I long for another winter

I remember clean beaches, woods that don’t end

We can fix this, we can, we will

Dear Earth,

You’re in our hands now

We’re feeling your pain

I just hope that it’s not too late


Take a deep breath, it’s a new day

With many more sunsets to see,

Swims in your waters, dances in rain,

New places to find, walks with bare feet

In my reflection, I see all your lessons

You teach me patience and love

You teach me to care, to connect and to wonder

To live in balance with all that’s around, up and under

I tell my stories, inspired by you

You guide me whenever I’m lost

You heal my mind, you ease the pain

I’m never alone, you’re always there

I promise to be grateful

To remember to stop every once in a while

To hug a tree, to smell the flowers

To look up and watch the sky

I’ll keep learning from you as days come and go

To live simply and, yes, to simply live,

To keep going and to look for magic,

To wait for the rainbow, to always hope

I’ll be free, I’ll be wild

And passionate, and kind,

Strong, carefree, forgiving

I’ll walk through life with birdsong on my mind

Dear Earth,

I can see a greener future

Us living side by side

We’ll keep growing and blooming

Together, we’ll thrive

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