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One of the main approaches I’ve taken to gather props and set design items for my upcoming film Limerence is supporting local independent artists. That way I get to give back to people who have put their own time and resources to handcraft some unique pieces and to also be eco-friendlier by choosing to not support massive, polluting companies. Furthermore, I often get to save some money too!

Even though we are currently in very early stages of pre-production for Limerence, I have already started to gather some props when I get the chance. I have found a few beautiful set items and I wasn’t looking for any of them, I just ended up coming across them.

A few weeks ago, I was at a Farmival – a lovely event with live music, food and lots of stalls where local artists and charities were selling handmade arts and crafts. The first thing I picked up was a notebook with a drawing of an owl on the cover because Limerence has themes around woodlands and night-time. At the same stall, we were offered to pick up a few drawings for free, so I chose three more animals that can be used to decorate the walls of our main character’s room. Another item I found at this event was the little flower crown with roses which was something I was actually looking for to use for one of our leading characters as I wanted her to have white roses in her hair. This flower crown was made by another local artist. All items came in paper envelopes, so there was no plastic waste created.

I have just returned from my holiday in Latvia and I ended up picking a few props for Limerence there as well – even though it definitely wasn’t my plan. First, I chose these earrings of red pansies for myself, however, they are going to be the perfect accessory in Limerence as we will be using lots of flowers, and pansies are one of the most important flowers in the film – besides, the red colour matches our colour-scheme. The earrings were made by an independent artist and they didn’t come in any packaging, except for the piece of cardboard that they were attached to. Finally, I found this little paper mache envelope with the floral pattern when visiting a castle. It is possibly the most eco-friendly prop I’ve ever found as it is made of recycled paper and dried flowers – and the paper they used is actually shredded documents from the governement of their town! I even got to see the lady make these envelopes and cards with her own hands and it really warmed my heart to think about her work being displayed in our film.

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