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Let me tell you how a filmmaker ended up writing a blog about zero-waste living…

Well, the answer is very simple! I just combined two big passions of mine – my love for films and my love for nature.

"Nature is my source of inspiration, strength and peace"

I am a film director. I knew I wanted to make films when I was a young teenager, spending days watching films and behind the scenes features, until one day I realised that I could do that too. From that moment I’ve been on a journey of learning, practising, enjoying and falling in love with filmmaking more and more every day. I created an independent film production company called Elementi Media with my partner in life and at work – Carl Bradshaw. We’ve made three festival selected films so far and are very excited to continue this filmmaking life together!

I’ve always been a nature child, and I’m one of those people who gets excited when they see pretty flowers blooming on the side of the road, when they smell that fresh and pure summer rain, when they stop in the middle of the road just to look at the sky. Nature is my source of inspiration, strength and peace. However, it is 2019, and we’ve been told that there are only a few years left before the Earth has been damaged forever. So, just over a year ago, after having worked with people passionate about a greener lifestyle and after trying to figure out my own future paths, I finally found the life I had been looking for – zero-waste, minimalist, plant-based. Environment-friendly. Since that moment I have massively reduced my use of plastic, swapped most of my products for greener options and cleared out my house of everything not needed, and I've never felt happier about the environment around me – and I’ve only just started!

So, how do these two passions go together? Well, just like any other aspect of our life, filmmaking can be incredibly wasteful. It is a fast-paced, busy lifestyle with long hours of hard work and with so many pieces of equipment and items that are needed just to create a simple shot. I’ve seen productions where lunch breaks leave behind countless plastic bottles, where props are bought cheaply, break and are thrown away, where so much waste could have been avoided with just a few smart choices. And I don’t want that. I want to make sure that the films I make don’t damage our planet – even more, I want to educate and inspire others to be more mindful about the environment.

So, stick around if you’d like to find out more about my journey as a sustainable filmmaker and to learn how you can live a better life for yourself and for the planet too!

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